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Company name
Company name
Office Support Service Inc.
President Masashi Matsushima
No. of employees10
Location Kodenmacho Matsumura Building 7th floor, 9-6 Nihonbashikodenmacho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Phone +81-3-5847-8561
FAX +81-3-5847-8573
Businesses 1. Translation/Interpretation service
2. AI-assisted translation/post-editing (ISO27001 certification)
3. General worker dispatching undertakings    (License No.: Ha13-080455)
4. Fee-charging employment placement       (License No.: 13-Yu-304370)
5. Planning/production of sales promotion materials (Interview form, Leaflet, etc.)
6. Selling specially controlled medical devices (License No.: 5502165510)
7. Selling cosmetics/health food
8. Selling of liquor/food


By train:2-minute walk from exit 2 of Kodenmacho station on Tokyo MetroBakuroyokoyama station on Toei Shinjuku line5-minute walk from exit 2 of Bakurocho station on JR Sobu line rapid service